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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-06A Case Study of Herpes Zoster Ophtalmicus Reactivation in a Polymorbid Patient Following Primary Bacterial KeratoconjuctivitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Odey, E.J.
2015-01Activation of self-study among medical students within the competence-based approach in teaching of clinical and theoretical disciplinesSydorchuk, A.S.; Halvala, Yash; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2018-02-12Retrospective analysis of non-typhoidal salmonella infections for the period since 2011 until 2016Bogachyk, N.A.; Sydorchuk, A.S.; Venglovs'ka, Ya.V.; Sorokhan, V.D.
2014-07Some epidemiological aspects of viral hepatitis C in BukovynaDavydenko, O.M.; Myronuk, O.V.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2015-12Possibility of acute intestinal food-borne infections holiatry: approach with combined pre- and probioticSydorchuk, A.S.; Venglovs’ka, Y.V.; Bohachyk, N.A.; Sorokhan, V.D.; Grubliak, L.V.
2014-10Epidemiologic pecularities of toxoplasmosis in Bukovyna's women of reproductive ageMoskaliuk, V.D.; Randiuk, Yu.O.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2016-12Retrospective Analysis of Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Infections at Bukovyna for the Perios since 2011 until 2015Sydorchuk, A.S.; Bohachyk, N.A.; Venglovs’ka, Ya.V.; Hrytsiuk, M.M.
2016-04-06The Co-Infection Case Study: Could Staphylococcal Food-borne ToxicInfection "Improved" Severity Course of Food-Borne Botulism?Amoah, E.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2012-10Species composition and population level of palatine tonsils microbiota in patients with complicated forms of tonsillitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Sydorchuk, L.I.; Moskaliuk, V.D.
2012-10Microflora of the distal part of the small intestine cavity of splenectomized albino ratsSydorchuk, A.S.; Sydorchuk, L.I.