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Title: Retrospective Analysis of Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Infections at Bukovyna for the Perios since 2011 until 2015
Authors: Sydorchuk, A.S.
Bohachyk, N.A.
Venglovs’ka, Ya.V.
Hrytsiuk, M.M.
Keywords: retrospective analysis
gastrointestinal salmonellosis
nontyphoid Salmonella
integrative indicators of intoxication
sporadic morbidity
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: Clin. and experim. pathol.- 2016.- Vol.15, №3 (57). - P. 93-96.
Abstract: It has been analyzed clinical, epidemiological and microbiological aspects of gastrointestinal salmonellosis in Bukovуna caused by S. enteritidis, S. typhimurium, S. newport, S. essen, S. london and other groups over the past five years. The microbial spectrum of combined intestinal infection included representatives of Staphylococcus, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Candida, Shigella, Citrobacter families as well as Rotavirus have been detected. The determination of integrated markers of endogenous intoxication allowed to confirm their significant elevation in acute illness period in all cases, especially in cases with mixed acute intestinal diseases (p <0,05).
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