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Title: Літературознавча рецепція поетики віршованих творів С. Воробкевича крізь призму дослідження Осипа Маковея
Other Titles: Literary reception of the poetics of S. Vorobkevych's poetic works through the prism of Osip Makovey's research
Authors: Никифорук, Тетяна
Андрієць, Валерія
Nykyforuk, Tetyana
Andriyets, Valeriyа
Keywords: S. Vorobkevych
poetic syntax
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Актуальні питання суспільних наук та історії медицини (спільний українсько-румунський науковий журнал)
Abstract: Goal. In the segment of the study of the literary reception of the poetics of S. Vorobkevich's poetic works, analyze the literary and critical materials of O. Makovey (“Literary heritage according to Izidor Vorobkevich”, “Izidor Vorobkevich”, “General notes on the poetry of Izidor Vorobkevich”), published in the first few decades after the writer's death. Conclusions. The study of publications related to the topic of the study showed that the most valuable of them are the materials of O. Makovey, V. Lesyn and O. Romanets, P. Nykonenko, M. Bondar, P. Nykonenko. The results obtained are an important material for expressing our knowledge of the poetics of S. Vorobkevych's poetic works; they are the material for comparison with the similar material on the artistic nature of Y. Fedkovych’s poetic works. On the basis of revealing common features, taking into account the data of other Ukrainian poets of the region of this period it becomes possible to get a general picture of the poetics of domestic poetry works in Bukovyna in the second half of the nineteenth century.
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