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Title: Творча спадщина Дімітрія Дана та її міжнародне сприйняття
Other Titles: Creative heritage of Dimitry Dan and its international perception
Authors: Мойсей, Антоній
Моісей, Аркадій
Moysey, Antoniy
Moisei, Arkadiy
Keywords: Dimitry Dan
D. Dan's creative heritage
traditional culture of ethnic groups of Bukovyna
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Актуальні питання суспільних наук та історії медицини (спільний українсько-румунський науковий журнал)
Abstract: Dimitriy Dan (1856-1927) was a priest, ethnographer, historian, publicist, member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to his publications in German, his works became available to scientists of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and other countries. His works have been included in bibliographic indexes during his life, reviews of them have been published in leading scientific journals of that time.
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