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Title: Laser autofluorescent microscopy of histological sections of parenchymatous biological tissues of the dead
Authors: Ushenko, O.G.
Syvokorovskaya, N.
Bachinsky, V.T.
Vanchulyak, O.
Dubolazov, A.V.
Ushenko, Yu.O.
Dovgun, A.Yu.
Keywords: Laser autofluorescent microscopy
polycrystalline structures
blood loss
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Proc. of SPIE. – 2020. – Vol. 11369, 113691V
Abstract: The results of laser autofluorescence microscopy of the distribution of the intensity of the MLA of polycrystalline structures of biological tissue preparations are presented. The data of a statistical analysis of the distribution of the magnitude of the intensity of MLA networks of biological crystals of histological sections of tissues of the spleen and kidney with the parenchymal morphological structure of the dead with different levels of blood loss are presented.
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