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Title: 2D-Mueller-matrix tomography of optically anisotropic polycrystalline networks of biological tissues histological sections
Authors: Trifonyuk, L.
Baranowski, W.
Ushenko, V.
Olar, O.
Dubolazov, A.V.
Ushenko, Y.
Bodnar, B.
Vanchulyak, O.
Kushnerik, L.
Sakhnovskiy, M.
Keywords: polarization
2D-Mueller-matrix tomography
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Opto-Electronics Review 26 (2018) 252–259
Abstract: tA new technique of Mueller-matrix mapping of the birefringent structure of biological preparations ofhuman organs tissues is suggested. The algorithms of reconstruction of average values and magnitudeof fluctuations of the phase (birefringence) and amplitude (dichroism) of optically anisotropic structureof myocardium and connective tissue component of the vaginal wall histological section are proposed.The magnitudes and ranges of changes in the statistical moments of the 1st-4th order that characterizethe distribution of average values and magnitude of fluctuations of birefringence and dichroism of themyocardium and connective tissue of the vaginal tissues histological sections were determined. Jointstudies of distributions of the characteristics of phase and amplitude of the anisotropy of myocardiumand connective tissue component of the vaginal wall tissues of different states were performed. The casesof various necrotic changes in the myocardium and pathological conditions of the vagina wall (prolapse ofthe genitals) are examined. Balanced accuracy of the method of Mueller-matrix polarization-phase anddiffuse tomography of optically anisotropic polycrystalline networks in the differentiation of necroticand pathological changes in human organs is determined.
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