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Title: 3D Mueller-matrix diffusive tomography of polycrystalline blood films for cancer diagnosis
Authors: Ushenko, V.
Sdobnov, A.
Syvokorovskaya, A.
Dubolazov, А.
Vanchulyak, O.
Ushenko, A.
Ushenko, Y.
Gorsky, M.P.
Sidor, M.
Bykov, A.
Meglinski, I.
Keywords: Mueller-matrix
cancer diagnostics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Photonics 2018, 5, 54.
Abstract: The decomposition of the Mueller matrix of blood films has been carried out using differential matrices with polarized and depolarized parts. The use of a coherent reference wave is applied and the algorithm of digital holographic reconstruction of the field of complex amplitudes is used. On this basis, the 3D Mueller-matrix diffuse tomography method—the reconstruction of distributions of fluctuations of linear and circular birefringence of depolarizing polycrystalline films of human blood is analytically justified and experimentally tested. The dynamics of the change in the magnitude of the statistical moments of the first-fourth order, which characterize layer-by-layer distributions of fluctuations in the phase anisotropy of the blood film, is examined and analyzed. The most sensitive parameters for prostate cancer are the statistical moments of the third and fourth orders, which characterize the asymmetry and kurtosis of fluctuations in the linear and circular birefringence of blood films. The excellent accuracy of differentiation obtained polycrystalline films of blood from healthy donors and patients with cancer patients was achieved.
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