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dc.contributor.authorВладковский, И.К.-
dc.contributor.authorЛобода, Н.И.-
dc.contributor.authorКишлюк, Н.А.-
dc.contributor.authorСплавский, О.И.-
dc.identifier.otherУДК 616.33/.34:612.357.15+616.361-
dc.description.abstractPetenkoffer's spectral method in the modification of I. Ya. Korbach was used for evaluation of tri- and dioxycholanic bile acids in the blood and bile in patients with chronic gastritis, duodenitis in association with pathology of the biliary tract and gallbladder before and after complex treatment including a 0.05% of decametoxin applied by electrophoresis on the region of the right hypochondrium. Twelve healthy persons, 48 patients with the said pathology including 18 elderly patients. Results of the invstigations revealed a reduction of total and dioxycholic bile acids in different bile portions. A more pronounced reduction of total bile acids in the gallbladder bile was found in the elderly. Decametoxin increases the deficit of bile acids in the bile.ru_RU
dc.publisherВрачебное делоru_RU
dc.titleВлияние декаметоксина на содержание желчных кислот в крови и желчи больных хроническими гастритами и дуоденитами в сочетании с заболеваниями желчных путейru_RU
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