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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Teaching medical students on the base of a competence approachIlashchuk, T.O.; Mikulets, L.V.; Tovkach, Y.V.
2010Temporal spectral change of the degree of depolarization of laser radiation scatterered by the hepatic tissue to diagnose the prescription of death comingBachyns’kyi, Viktor Teodosovych; Vanchuliak, Oleg Yaroslavovych; Savka, Ivan Grygorovych; Pavliukovych, Olexandr Vasylyovych
2013The activity of antioxidant enzymes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in combination with comorbid obesityStupnytska, G.Y.; Fediv, O.I.
2012The advanced methods of investigation of the fractures in forensic-medical practiceSavka, I.; Mykhailichenko, B; Bezhenar, I.
2017-05-18The advantages and disadvantages of using a test computer/computer control of knowledge of studentsЧорненька, Жанетта Анатоліївна
2013The anatomy of the right uterine tuble in fetusesZaharuk, H.M.; Proniaiev, D.V.; Zaharchiuk, S.V.
2016The anlage and development of the nasal cavity in the human embryogenesis periodКузняк, Н.Б.
2015The anlage and development of the nasal section in the embryonic period of the human ontogenesisКузняк, Н.Б.
2015The anxiety level of medical studentsYurtsenyuk, Olga; Antofijchuk, Iryna
2010-05-13The blood plazma content of some factors of apoptosis and a soluble form of the factor receptor of the stem cells in patients with vegetovascular dystoniaKrychun, Ihor; Pashkovskyi, Valeriy
2014The chronorhythms of ionregulating renal function in conditions of immobilizing stressШумко, Наталія Миколаївна
2017The clinical features bronchial asthma in children depending on the inflammatory blood patternsKorchynska, T.,; Tarnavska, S.I.
2016-04-06The Co-Infection Case Study: Could Staphylococcal Food-borne ToxicInfection "Improved" Severity Course of Food-Borne Botulism?Amoah, E.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2016The combat stress reaction as a scientific problem of the world, and its social and medical consequencesBadiuk, M.I.; Shevchuk, O.S.; Gutchenko, K.S.; Biryuk, I.G.; Moldovan, T.E.
2013The concentration of the interleukins-4 and -8 serum of children with early-onset and late-onset bronchial asthmaSah, S; Aissaoui, A;
2017The concept and modern condition of alternative history. The role of European myth in spreading the alternative-historian method in humanitiesMoysey, Antoniy; Anistratenko, Antonina; Tkach, Alla
2012-04-03The correction of the endothelial dysfunction in patients with stomach and duodenal peptic ulcers combined with diabetes mellitusPatel, Nikita; Lebin, Lincoln; Teleki, J.M.; Lazaruk, T.Y.
2012-05-17The course of coronary heart disease at different oxygen saturationОсадчук, Л.В.; Гулага, О.І.
2011The degree of mutual anisotropy of biological liquids polycrystalline nets as a parameter in diagnostics and differentiations of hominal inflammatory processesAngelsky, O.V.; Ushenko, Yu.A.; Balanetska, V.O.
2014The degree of tetracycline influence on the intestine microbiocenosisand its correctionby "Bifiform - 21"Sydorchuk, I.Y.; Holyar, O.I.; Sokolenko, M.O.