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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Taxonomic composition and micro-ecological indices of palatine tonsils microbiome in patients with chronic tonsillitisSydorchuk, L.I.
2022Taxonomic composition and microbiological indicators of microbiota of infectious-inflammatory processes of soft tissuesSydorchuk, I.Y.
2017Taxonomy content and population level of residential microbiota of large intestine content in practically healthy people with lactobacterial typePopovych, V.B.
2016-08Teaching medical students on the base of a competence approachIlashchuk, T.O.; Mikulets, L.V.; Tovkach, Y.V.
2020Teaching of medical parasitology at Bukovinian state medical university (literature review and own research)Bulyk, R.Ye.; Kryvchanska, M.I.; Vlasova, K.V.; Yosypenko, V.R.; Smetaniuk, O.V.; Булик, Роман Євгенович; Кривчанська, Мар'яна Іванівна; Власова, Катерина Василівна; Йосипенко, В.Р.; Сметанюк, О.В.; Булык, Р.Е.; Кривчанская, М.И.; Власова, К.В.; Йосипенко, В.Р.; Сметанюк, А.В.
2021Teaching physiology to students of medical psychology faculty in medical universitySavchuk, Tetiana; Tymofiychuk, Ivanna; Савчук, Тетяна Павлівна; Тимофійчук, Іванна; Савчук, Т.; Тимофийчук, И.
2021Teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language by using mind mapping techniqueLeshchenko, Tetyana; Zhovnir, Maryna; Grinko, Natalia; Лещенко, Т.; Жовнір, М.; Гринько, Н.; Лещенко, Т.; Жовнир, М.; Гринько, Н.
2022Temporal dynamics of maps of the module of complex degree of mutual polarization of microscopic images of brain histological sections for establishment of time of hemorrhages formationGarazdiuk, M.S.
2010Temporal spectral change of the degree of depolarization of laser radiation scatterered by the hepatic tissue to diagnose the prescription of death comingBachyns’kyi, V.T.; Vanchuliak, O.Ya.; Savka, I.G.; Pavliukovych, O.V.
2022Termforming models of the English professional language in the field of Infectology urse: hemo-contact infectionsTeslenko, M.O.
2021Terminology of infectious diseases as a part of general medical terminological systemShalajeva, A.V.
2022Testing as the necessity of the educational processSkrytska, N.V.
2017The "Map" of linguocide in the worldSkrypnyk, I.I.
2013The activity of antioxidant enzymes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in combination with comorbid obesityStupnytska, G.Y.; Fediv, O.I.
2022The acute toxicity study of Tagetes lucida Сav. dry extractKostyshyn, L.V.
2012The advanced methods of investigation of the fractures in forensic-medical practiceSavka, I.; Mykhailichenko, B; Bezhenar, I.
2017-05-18The advantages and disadvantages of using a test computer/computer control of knowledge of studentsЧорненька, Жанетта Анатоліївна
2016-02-28The analysis parameters of the immune response in diabetic patients with pyoinflammatory processesKaratieieva, Svitlana Yurievna; Yurkiv, Oksana Ivanivna
2022The analysis results of medical prescriptions and drug consumption in patients with lymphogranulomatosis in UkraineMatushchak, M.R.
2021The anatomical features of the buccal regionKashperuk-Karpiuk, I.S.