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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A case of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in a child with congenital brain malformationHaras, M.N.
2020A case of neonatal measlesGaras, M.N.
2016-04-06A Case Study of Herpes Zoster Ophtalmicus Reactivation in a Polymorbid Patient Following Primary Bacterial KeratoconjuctivitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Odey, E.J.
2011A characteristic of the effects of melatonin and epithalon on the state of c-fos gene in the neurosecretory nuclei of the hypothalamus in an experimentBulyk, R.Ye.; Pishak, V.P.; Lomakina, Yu.V.
2014-10-01A charge of the erythrocyte test by automated methodGutsul, O.; Shaplavsky, M.; Buzhdygan, V.; Slobodian, V.
2022A clinical case of osteogenesis imperfect type III, determined by COL1A1 (p.Gly845Arg) gene mutation in a newborn girlLastivka, I.V.; Antsupova, V.V.; Babintseva, A.G.; Yurkiv, O.I.; Brisevac, L.I.; Malieieva, I.O.; Ластівка, Ірина Володимирівна; Анцупова, В.В.; Бабінцева, Анастасія Геннадіївна; Юрків, Оксана Іванівна; Брішевац, Л.І.; Малєєва, І.О.
2017A clinical course features of acute necrotizing pancreatitis in patients with polymorphism of r122n gene of cationic trypsinogen (PRSS1)Maksymyuk, V.V.
2020A comprehensive treatment of complicated forms of diabetic foot syndromeKozlovska, І.М.
2022A comprehensive treatment of patients with rosacea considering functional changes of the hepatobiliary system organsPerepichka, M.P.
2012A condition of c-fos gene expression in the medial small-cell subnuclei of the paraventricular nuclei of the rat`s hypothalamus under constant illumination.Булик, Роман Євгенович; Ломакіна, Юлія В'ячеславівна; Тимофій, О.В.
2017A convenient method to synthesize 3-chloroimidazo[1,5-а]quinoxalinesGrozav, А.М.
2011A forensic-medical analysis of fractures of the long bones of the lower extremitySavka, I.H.; Vasiuk, V.L.; Koval’chuk, P.Ye.; Zin’kiv, O.I.
2020A look at the problem of helminthosis at the modern stageFedotova, M.S.
2021A method of determining the prevalence of acute peritonitisGrynchuk, A.F.
2013A method of investigating the vasculonervous fascicle of the neck in the perinatal periodHerasym, L.M.; Kozub, M.I.; Shevchuk, I.R.
2011A modern methods of investigation a fracture plane in forensic medicineSavka, I.H.; Mykhailichenko, B.; Stasyuk, M.; Santos, A.
2015A rare clinical case-buschke's scleredemaJulei, L.O.; Mudriak, L.V.
2015A role of public discussion in mitigation of environmental disasters caused by improper landfill management and operationWinkler, Igor; Choban, Alla
2016A scale for predicting postoperative septic complications at acute peritonitisGrynchuk, A.F.; Grynchuk, F.V.; Polianskiy, I.Iu.