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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Singular analysis of Jones-matrix images describing polycrystalline networks of biological crystals in diagnostics of cholelithiasis in its latent periodBalanetska, V.O.; Marchuk, Yu.; Karachevtsev, A.V.; Ushenko, V.O.
2010Polarization-singular structure in laser images of phase-inhomogeneous layers to diagnose and classify their optical propertiesUshenko, Yu.O.; Misevich, I.Z.; Angelsky, A.P.; Bachinsky, V.T.; Telen’ga, O.Yu.; Olar, O.I.
2010Wavelet analysis for polarization maps of networks formed by liquid biological crystals in blood plasma: statistical and fractal approachesBachinsky, V.T.; Ushenko, Yu.O.; Tomka, Yu.Ya.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Balanets’ka, V.O.; Karachevtsev, A.V.
2011The degree of mutual anisotropy of biological liquids polycrystalline nets as a parameter in diagnostics and differentiations of hominal inflammatory processesAngelsky, O.V.; Ushenko, Yu.A.; Balanetska, V.O.
2011Wavelet analysis for polarization inhomogeneous laser images of blood plasmaUshenko, O.G.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Balanets’ka, V.O.; Karachevtsev, A.V.; Sydor, M.
2011Wavelet analysis of Jones-matrix images corresponding to polycrystalline networks of biological crystals in diagnostics of tuberculosisZabolotna, N.I.; Balanetska, V.O.; Telenga, O.Yu.; Ushenko, V.O.
2010Statistical and Fractal Processing of Phase Images of Human Biological FluidsUshenko, Yuriy; Tomka, Yuriy; Marchuk, Yuriy; Balanetc'ka, Valentyna
2011Wavelet-analysis for Laser Images of Blood PlasmaUshenko, Y.O.; Tomka, Y.Ya.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Balanetska, V.O.; Karachevtsev, A.V.; Angelsky, A.P.