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Title: Features of the condition of microcirculation in schoolage children with arterial hypertension
Authors: Nechytailo, Yuriy Mykolaiovych
Nechytailo, Dmytro Yuriiovych
Buriak, Oleksandr Grygorovych
Keywords: school-age children, microcirculation, arterial hypertension
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Austrian Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences
Abstract: 62 children were examined. 30 children with hypertension were included in the main group, 32 healthy children — in to control. In children with hypertension more often appears symptoms of violation of microcirculation, such as reducing the width of the capillary, the presence of “sladge”, local spasm and slowing of blood flow, changes in shape of the capillary, which is understandable consequence of autonomic ysregulation, which in turn is accompanied by violation of hemodynamic at all levels, including capillary.
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