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Title: Evolution of Mueller Matrix Images of the Myometrium for the Optical Anisotropy Oncological Changes
Authors: Ushenko, V.O.
Koval, G.D.
Dubolazov, A.V.
Karachevtsev, A.O.
Olar, O.I.
Boychuk, T.M.
Keywords: biological tissue
correlation function
correlation area
correlation moments
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The optical model of polycrystalline networks of myometium is suggested. The results of investigating the interrelation between the values correlation (correlation area, asymmetry coefficient and autocorrelation function excess) and fractal (dispersion of logarithmic dependencies of power spectra) parameters are presented. They characterize the distributions of Mueller matrix elements in the points of laser images of myometrium histological sections. The criteria of differentiation of death coming reasons are determined.
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