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Title: What is the role of nucleinat in a complex of control therapy of bronchial asthma in school-age children? Double-blind placebo controlled method
Authors: Bezrukov, L.O.
Koloskova, O.K.
Marusyk, U.I.
Keywords: children
bronchial asthma
bronchial hyperresponsiveness
бронхиальная астма
гипервосприимчивость бронхов
бронхіальна астма
гіперсприйнятливість бронхів
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Буковинський медичний вісник
Abstract: The effect of Nucleinat on bronchial hyperresponsiveness, the parameters of the phagocytic activity and phagocytic index of neutrophils their oxygendependent metabolism and the blood content of nitric oxide metabolites in 98 school age children with bronchial asthma has been studied by means of a double-blind placebocontrolled method. Two clinical groups were formed with the help of the table of accidental numbers. The first clinical group included 47 children who took Nucleinat in a dose of 0,25 g per diem during 21 days in a complex of base-line theraphy. The second clinical group was formed of 51 children who took placebo according to the same regimen. It has been shown that thanks to the use of Nucleinat a reduction of bronchial hypersensitivity and optimization of disease control have been achieved, which was indirectly evidenced by an increased risk of detecting moderate bronchial responsiveness to histamine (OR = 3,6; 95% CІ: 1,3-9,3) and a decrease of the phagocytic activity of neutrophils (OR=1,9 with 95% CI (0,9-4,4)).
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