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Title: Комунікативні тактики спілкування лікаря з різними типами пацієнтів
Other Titles: Communicative tactics of the doctor's communication with different types of patients
Authors: Марія, Цуркан
Ільків, М.
Ільків, А.
Цуркан, Іван
Tsurkan, Maria
Ilkiv, M.
Ilkiv, A.
Turkan, Ivan
Keywords: communication
communicative tactics
types of patients
reception of active listening
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Актуальні питання суспільних наук та історії медицини
Abstract: Aim of investigation. The article describes the main communicative tactics of communication of the doctor with different types of patients, the choice of appropriate language tools to effectively influence the patient. Conclusions. It is proved that a communicative doctor must professionally predict and organize a communicative act and skillfully overcome difficulties, taking into account the basic requirements for establishing primary contact with the patient. One of the main communication skills needed to gather the necessary information is active listening, which includes verbal (use of open and closed questions, facilitation, summarizing) and nonverbal (eye contact, posture, posture and body movements, language, including tone, volume, intonation) behavior. Universal communication tactics can be considered to show empathy for the patient, which is used in response to the patient's emotional response to alleviate his emotional state or in the event of a conflict situation, resistance from the patient to prevent conflict and start a constructive dialogue.
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