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Title: Праця Д. Дана “Вівчарня у румунів з Буковини” – складовий елемент культурної спадщини Буковини
Other Titles: The work of D. Dan “Sheep breeding of Romanians in Bukovina” is an integral element of the cultural heritage of Bukovina
Authors: Мойсей, Антоній
Моісей, Аркадій
Moysey, Antoniy
Moisei, Arkadiy
Keywords: Bukovyna
Romanians of Bukovyna
sheep breeding
sheep owner
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Актуальні питання суспільних наук та історії медицини
Abstract: The reader's attention is offered to get acquainted with the ethnographic work of D. Dan “Sheephouse of Romanians of Bukovina”, published in 1934 in Chernivtsi. The purpose of the study is to analyze the work of D. Dan, and to translate into Ukrainian a fragment of this work for its introduction into scientific circulation in Ukraine. Enrichment of Ukrainian scientific circulation with new work of ethnographic nature – the event is relevant. It has receptive aspects of novelty in the disclosure of new values of intelligence in the 30s of the twentieth century. in the light of modern ethnographic discourse. Conclusions. We state that D. Dana's “Sheephouse in Romanians from Bukovina” is a unique work in the field of studying Romanian sheep breeding in its historical and ethnographic dimensions. The researcher revealed the activities of the Romanians of Bukovina in one of the most critical sectors of the economy, which at the time of writing (1934) preserved millennial traditions, as evidenced by magical practices and animistic reminiscences in the work of shepherds. The author perfectly reveals the process of organizing a sheepfold, making dairy products, shepherds' clothes, lighting a “live fire”, and protecting animals, and gives many examples of folk veterinary medicine. The 35-page paper uses almost 300 terms related to the research topic. The study is well decorated with drawings. For Bukovina, D. Dan’s “Romanian Sheephouse of Bukovina” should become an integral page in the history and ethnography of the region. Unfortunately, today the unique work has hardly entered the scientific circulation of either Romanian or Ukrainian ethnography. It is offered as an appendix a translation of the part “Sheephouse” for general use.
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