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Title: Позиційні характеристики вираження предметної частини змісту апеляції в поетичних творах Ліни Костенко
Other Titles: Positional characteristics of the subject part’s expression of the content of the appeal in the Lina Kostenko’s poetic works
Authors: Купчанко, Марина
Kupchanko, Marina
Keywords: sphere of appeal
independent (autonomous)
pre-, inter-, post-appeals
one-word and multi-word nominations of the broadcast addressee
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Актуальні питання суспільних наук та історії медицини
Abstract: The purpose of the article is to establish the main positional characteristics of the expression of the nominations of the addressee of speech in the modern Ukrainian literary language. Conclusions. After studying the scientific material, we identified the following cases of using appeals: independent (autonomous), pre-, inter- and postposition. The main types of interposition of appeals, as evidenced by our factual material, are: position between subject and predicate, position between predicate and object, position before subject and predicate, position of appeals after object and predicate, position of appeals after predicate and object, the position of appeals after the subject and predicate. After analyzing the forms of appeal in prepositions, postpositions and interpositions in persuasive, interrogative and narrative sentences, we came to the conclusion that appeals can be monosyllabic and verbose.
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