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Title: Some peculiarities of the polarization selection method of laser images in diagnostics of polycrystaline structure bile layers
Authors: Marchuk, Yu.F.
Pashkovska, N.V.
Fediv, O.I.
Ushenko, O.G.
Andriychuk, D.R.
Marchuk, O.F.
Keywords: chronic cholecystitis
diabetes mellitus type 2
laser polarimety
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: БДМУ
Citation: Матеріали науково-практичної інтернет-конференції "Розвиток природничих наук як основа новітніх досягнень у медицині" (27 листопада 2019 р., м. Чернівці)
Abstract: Abstract. The research is focused on the analysis of potentiality of diagnostics and differentiation of cholelithiasis of patients with chronic cholecystitis and diabetes mellitus type 2 by means of new technique of polarization correlometry of human bile layers laser images. The techniques of laser polarimetry diagnostics of optical anisotropic structure have become widely spread among optical diagnostic methods of human biological tissues. Biological fluids are much more accessible for direct laboratory analysis in comparison with traumatic techniques of the biological tissue biopsy. In terms of the above mentioned the task of searching new additional parameters for laser diagnostics of biological fluids' optical anisotropic structure appears to be topical. There was investigated a new technique of estimating the structure of laser images based on measuring coordinate distributions of mutual polarization degree is suggested that characterizes the homogeneity of optically isotropic and optically anisotropic components in biochemical composition of bile. The statistical (mean, dispersion, skewness and kurtosis), correlation (correlation area of distribution of mutual polarization degree values) and fractal (dispersion of extremes of log-log dependencies of power spectra of mutual polarization degree values distribution) criteria of polarization-correlation diagnostics of cholelithiasis latent course and its stages differentiation on the background of chronic cholecystitis, diabetes mellitus type 2 and complex pathology are determined and substantiated.
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