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Title: Diagnosis of blood loss by the method of digital stoks polarimetry of histological sections of rectus abdominal muscle.
Authors: Bachynskiy, V.T.
Vanchuliak, O.
Syvokorovska, A.-V.
Garazdiuk, M.
Zavolovych, A.
Keywords: blood loss
laser polarimetry
forensic medicine
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: CBU International Conference Proceedings. - 2019. - Vol 7
Abstract: One of the important issues of forensic practice is the estimation of the volume of bleeding. Optical diagnostic methods of histological sections of tissue and liquids are perspective in this area. Material and methods. The objects of investigation are native histological sections of rectus abdominal muscle, taken from 48 corpses with acute blood loss and 10 – control group with acute coronary death. Results. The method of statistical analysis of the first-fourth Stokes vector parameters value distributions of microscopic images of histological sections of tissue with fibrillar structure (rectus abdominal muscle, skin, brain) of corpses with varying degrees of blood loss in order to estimate the bleeding volume was tested. The most sensitive statistical moments of the third and fourth orders that characterize the asymmetry and the kurtosis of change the level of blood loss of the deceased - V = 0 mm3 ÷ 1000 mm3 were revealed.
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