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Title: System 3D Jones-matrix polarimetry of polycrystalline films of biological fluids
Authors: Ushenko, A.G.
Zhytaryuk, V.G.
Sidor, M.I.
Wanchulyak, O. Ya.
Motrich, A.V.
Soltys, I.V.
Pavliukovich, O.V.
Pavliukovich, N.
Keywords: Jones matrix
optical anisotropy
biological fluids
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Стаття Proceedings of SPIE. – 2018. – Vol. 10726.
Abstract: A model of multilayer polycrystalline structure of films of biological fluids of human organs has been developed. Each layer is associated with a partial Jones-matrix operator of phase and amplitude anisotropy. A new principle for detecting polarization-inhomogeneous object fields using a coherent laser wave is proposed. Algorithms for digital holographic reconstruction of field distributions of complex amplitudes in the plane of a polycrystalline film of a biological fluid are found. A new optical technique is proposed: direct measurement of 3D distributions of elements of the Jones matrix. Maps of layer-by-layer distributions of elements of the Jones matrix of polycrystalline urine films are tudied. Sensitivity, specificity and balanced accuracy of the 3D Jones-matrix tomography method of the polycrystalline structure of urine films of healthy donors and patients with lbuminuria were determined. Within the framework of the statistical analysis of stratified maps of elements of the Jones matrix of polycrystalline urine films, objective criteria for the early diagnosis of the onset and course of albuminuria were found.
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