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Title: Онкологічні аспекти замісної гормонотерапії клімактеричних та посткастраційних зрушень
Other Titles: Oncologic aspects of substitution hormonotherapy of climacteric and postcastration shifts
Authors: Ніцович, Р.М.
Бучковська, В.І.
Гарбузова, І.В.
Ніцович, Ігор Романович
Пересунько, Олександр Петрович
Nitsovych, R.M.
Buchkovska, V.I.
Garbuzova, I.V.
Nitsovych, I.R.
Peresunko, O.P.
Keywords: клімактеричний синдром
посткастраційний синдром
climacteric syndrome
postcastration syndrome
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Буковинський медичний вісник
Abstract: Доведено позитивний вплив лівіалу на симптоматику клімактеричного та післякастраційного синдромів.
Various manifestations of the climacteric syndrome as well as pathogenetic aspects of their origin are dealt with in the article "Oncologic aspects of substitution hormonotherapy of climacteric and postcastration shifts". A clinical assessment of a group of women was performed. These women used Livial for the treatment of postmenopausal disorders. A positive effect of this medication on the whole spectrum of the symptoms of the climacteric and postcastration syndromes was proved. On the basis of the studies carried out by us it should be, noted that Livial is a synthetic steroid possessing mixed properties of the estrogenic, progestagenic and androgenic hormones. It is an effective remedy in the treatment of postmenopausal disorders, eliminates the whole spectrum of the climacteric and postcastration syndromes, makes it possible to avoid the stimulation of hyperplastic processes and acts favourably on the osseous tissue after a prolonged ingestion (reduces, the development of osteoporosis).
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