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Title: Bio-patch bone regeneration as a predicted method of the vertical augmentation of the lower jaw distal sections
Authors: Кузняк, Н.Б.
Перебийніс, П.П.
Keywords: invasive methods
sub-antral augmentation
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Буковинський державний медичний університет
Abstract: So, the majority of the implant surgery procedures is the typical every day routine of the dental clinics. The aim of the department of the children and dental surgery of BSMU except for improving the implant surgery procedures is also to introduce the effective and minimal invasive methods of elimination of the complicated dental alveolar pathology and complicated atrophy which limit or make the dental implants setting impossible. Taking into account significant groundwork and scientific researches of the foreign colleagues it’s quite difficult to introduce authentic techniques, though improving and adopting of the existing methods by doctors- stomatologists is an important task of the department staff.
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