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Title: Quality Assessment of Applying Distance Learning Systems in Training of Students for Licensed Integral Examination ‘KROK - 2. Dentistry’
Authors: Palis, Sergiy
Herasym, Lolita
Keywords: distance learning
information technologies
Licensed Integral Examination
unsupervised training
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Буковинський державний медичний університет
Abstract: The article presents the analysis of efficacy to apply a distance learning system (DLS) in unsupervised students’ training to take the Licensed Integral Examination (LIE) "KROK-2. Dentistry”. The analysis has been conducted for the last three years. For this purpose the data concerning the initial level of students’ knowledge, the results of training in «MOODLE» system and official results of the examination among the fifth-year students of the Stomatological Faculty obtained. Application of DLS for unsupervised training and testing knowledge of the fifth-year students of the Stomatological Faculty while preparing to LIE "KROK-2. Dentistry” has been found to promote better level of training and achieving higher results.
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