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Title: Development peculiarities of the upper side of the uasal septum in the embryonic period of the human ontogenesis
Authors: Кузняк, Н.Б.
Keywords: upper side of the nasal cavity
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Буковинський державний медичний університет
Abstract: By means of the morphological investigation and statistical expenmentation on 25 coipses of the human embryos the peculiarities of the upper side of the nasal cavity formation were investigated. It was ascertained that the upper side is formed of the surfaces of two nasal bones, nasal part of the frontal bone, partly frontal outgrowths of the upper jaws, perforated plate of the ethmoid bone and frontal and upper sides of the wedge-shaped bone. At the early stage of the embryonic period some series of the upper side stmctures have cartilaginous structure, and at the end there are ossification zones in the separate constituents.
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