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Title: Dynamics of gene C-Fos activity in paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus of rats at light stress
Authors: Tymofi, O.V.
Bulyk, R.Ye.
Keywords: gene c-Fos
immune specific c-Fos protein
paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
constant lighting
light deprivation
ген с-Fos
імуноспецифічний білок c-Fos
паравентрикулярне ядро гіпоталамуса
постійне освітлення
світлова деривація
ген с-Fos
иммуноспецифический белок c-Fos
паравентрикулярное ядро гипоталамуса
постоянное освещение
световая депривация
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Клінічна та експериментальна патологія
Abstract: Stress influence (light deprivation and stimulation) on gene c-fos state of early functional activity in subnuclei of paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of hypothalamus of rats in various periods of twenty-four hours (day and night) has been elucidated. Product expression of this gene - c-Fos protein - in animals which were hold under normal conditions of light and darkness alternations showed rather distinct circadian character. Simultaneously, change of duration of the light-darkness cycle results in evident desynchronization.
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