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Title: Hygienic evaluation of a carbohydrate constituent in the dietary intake of preschool institutions in the town of Chernivtsi
Authors: Vlasyk, L.I.
Iftoda, O.M.
Kushnir, O.V.
Fundiur, N.M.
Keywords: daily nutrition ration
balance of carbohydrate
dietary fiber
preschool institutions
добові раціони харчування
збалансованість вуглеводів
дитячі навчальні заклади
суточные рационы питания
сбалансированность углеводов
детские образовательные учреждения
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Клінічна та експериментальна патологія
Abstract: Qualitative and quantitative composition of the daily nutrition ration of children at preschool institutions of Chernivtsi was investigated and analyzed. Hygienic evaluation of carbohydrate constituent was provided. Analysis of the daily children's diets in 9 preschool institutions of Chernivtsi showed that the percentage content of simple carbohydrates in the daily diet was twice more than the recommended norm. The content of dietary fiber in all the preschool institutions was lower than the recommended one. The main reasons of disbalance of carbohydrates in children's food ration are the increase of consumption white bread, macaroni and confectionery products, absence of rye bread, deficiency of fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables. Received results served as the basis for development of the recommendations for correction of actual nutrition of children at preschool institutions of Chernivtsi.
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