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Title: The use of hypoallergenic mixtures in children with signs of atopy
Authors: Koloskova, O.K.
Marusyk, U.I.
Belashova, O.V.
Keywords: children
food allergy
partial protein hydrolyzate
харчова алергія
часткові білкові гідролізати
пищевая аллергия
частичные белковые гидролизаты
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Клінічна та експериментальна патологія
Abstract: Introduction. Studies are indicative that about a quarter of infants in Ukraine have atopic manifestations. If the breastfeeding is impossible, hypoallergenic mixtures should be used. The arm of the research. To establish clinico-paraclinical efficacy of hypoallergenic mixtures TM “Humana Ha” in infants with clinical manifestations of atopic abnormality of constitution. Methods. 27 children aged from 2 to 12 months with the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and 25 infants who were fed on formula and had the usual signs of wheezing syndrome underwent complex examination. Results. In the Ist clinical group among patients with mild forms of eczema (11,1%) score on EASI scale decreased from 28,8 ± 2,1 to score 12,2 ± 1,8 score (P <0,05). The using mixture “Humana-HA” was led to a decrease in absolute risk register high concentration of IL-4 in serum by 20,9%, relative risk reduction – 23,5% (95% CI 15,5-33,1), and the minimum number of patients which should be treatment to get one positive result was 4,2 (95% CI 1,2-10,4). Conclusions. The using of partially hydrolyzed mixture “Humana-HA” in infants with signs of atopic dermatitis significantly improves the flow of mild and moderate forms. Application of partial protein hydrolyzate ”Humana-HA” in the diet of infants with atopic dermatitis reduces the content of immunoglobulin E and interleukin-4 in serum.
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