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Title: Scale-selective polarimetry of the birefringence distribution of myocardium tissue
Authors: Ushenko, Y.O.
Vanchuliak, O.Ya.
Bodnar, G.B.
Ushenko, V.O.
Pavlyukovich, N.
Pavlyukovich, O.V.
Antonyuk, O.
Keywords: optics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Proc. SPIE 10352, Biosensing and Nanomedicine X, 103520R (29 August 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2273743
Abstract: In the approximation of weak phase fluctuations, a polarization-correlation method for diagnosing the optical anisotropy of small-scale optically anisotropic fibrillar structures of myocardial tissues is proposed.The algorithms of analytical description and experimental determination of the coordinate distributions of the value of the modulus and phase of "two-point" Stokes vector parameters are defined. Within the statistic, correlation and fractal analysis the possibility of differential diagnostics of slight changes in optical anisotropy of myocardial tissues of different pathological states. The comparative analysis of objective statistical, correlation and fractal analysis of distributions of "single-point" polarization azimuth and ellipticity and "two-point" Stokes vector parameters of polarization-inhomogeneous images of the studied histological sections demonstrated excellent accuracy ( Ac f 90% ) of differential diagnostics of changes in the optical anisotropy myocardium tissues.
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