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Title: Indices of exhaled breath condensate in children with eosinophilic phenotype of bronchial asthma
Authors: Koloskova, O.K.
Mikaluk, L.V.
Bilous, T.M.
Ortemenka, Ye.P.
Keywords: children
bronchial asthma
exhaled breath condensate
бронхиальная астма
конденсат выдыхаемого воздуха
бронхіальна астма
конденсат видихуваного повітря
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Буковинський медичний вісник
Abstract: The indices of exhaled air condensate have been studied in 160 children with different phenotypes of bronchial asthma. It has been demonstrated that there occur changes in children with the noneosinophilic phenotype of bronchial asthma as compared with the patients with the eosinophilic phenotype of the disease that are indicative of a higher activity of inflammatory processes in the respiratory tracts. The proteolytic activity according to azocasein lysis more than 1,5 ml/h had the highest diagnostic value of detection of noneosinophilic phenotype: spesiphity 84,7 %, the predictable value of a positive result 79,1 %, the odds ratio 7,5, the posttesting probability of positive result 79,1 %.
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