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Title: Майбутнє варто планувати
Authors: Маринчина, І.М.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Тези доповідей "Екологічний стан і здоров'я жителів міських екосистем. Горбуновські читання", м.Чернівці, 5-6 травня 2016 р.
Abstract: According to official statistics, the situation in the field of reproductive health is not optimistic. Every year about 300 thousand teenage girls come in reproductive age, and one third of all Ukrainian teenagers have already started having sex at the age of 14-15 years. The objective of our study was based on survey among young people to find out their level of awareness regarding family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, modern contraception. As well as carrying out sanitary-educational work on family planning, with the aim of establishing healthy lifestyle and upbringing of educational sexual culture in the framework of the program "Women's Health of Ukraine." The results of our survey show that 95% of respondents believe that family planning are the "measures, which are aimed only at ensuring reproduction in planned manner", 5% of them think that they are aimed at the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Time of first sexual debut is 15.4 years; the experience of sexual intimacy had 80% of students, 30% of whom had two or three partners. Only 60% of students heard about infections, transmitted by sexual (ITS) way. It is noteworthy that 80% of respondents indicate that they do not have sufficient information about hormonal and intrauterine contraception. 100% of respondents felt the need to create family planning services for adolescents, where they could turn anonymously for information and advice.
Appears in Collections:1 Горбуновські читання "Екологічний стан і здоров'я жителів міських екосистем. Горбуновські читання", м.Чернівці, 5-6 травня 2016 р.

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