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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Content of Markers of Respiratory Tract Remodeling in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Children Suffering from Bronchial AsthmaKoloskova, O.K; Bilous, T.M.; Bilyk, G.G.; Lobanova, T.; Dikal, M.; Bilous, V.
2014Pharmacogenetic aspects of basic anti- inflammatory therapy of bronchial asthma in school-aged children under the deletion polymorphism of genes Gstt1 and Gstm1Koloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna; Bilous, Tetiana Muchailivna; Mikaliuk, Ludmila Viktorivna; Ortemenka, Evgenia Pavlivna
2017The effect of the nucleinat on functional activity blood granulocytes in school-age children with asthma, depending on acetylation phenotypeMarusyk, Uliana Ivanivna
2016Clinicoanamnestic features of exercise-induced asthma related phenotype in children and teenagersVlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Lysyk, L.I.; Pavliv, O. V.; Kostynchuk, S. S
2014Indicators of the bronchial lability and hyperreactivity in children with bronchial asthma and exercise induced bronchoconstrictionKoloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna; Shahova, Olga Oleksandrivna; Bogutska, Natalia Kazumurivna
2012The modern possibilities of increasing the efficiency of basic anti-inflammation therapy of school-age children’s bronchial asthmaBezrukov, Leonid Oleksiuovich; Koloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna; Marusyk, Uliana Ivanivna; Belashova, Olga Volodumurivna
2017Significance of certain genotypic characteristics to form exercise-induced bronchial asthma in childrenКoloskova, О.К.; Bilous, Т.М.; Lomakina, Y.V.
2016Markers of atopic reactivity in the pupils, with severe bronchial asthmaKoloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna; Bezrukov, Loenid Olexiovich; Marusyk, Uliana Ivanovna; Lobanova, T.; Burenyuk, Christina Petrivna
2016Peculiarities of spirometric indices in schoolchildren with bronchial asthma, depending on their atopic statusHaras, Mukola Nesterovuch
2014Features of exercise induced bronchial asthma course in schoolchildren with poly morphisms in glutation-S-transferase genesKoloskova, O.K.; Hryhola, O.G.; Bilous, T.M.; Ortemenka, Ye.P.