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Title: Spatial-frequency selection of complex degree of coherence of laser images of blood plasma in diagnostics and differentiation of pathological states of humanorganism of various nosology
Authors: Ushenko, A.G.
Angelsky, P.O.
Sidor, M.
Marchuk, Yu.F.
Andreychuk, D.R.
Pashkovskaya, N.V.
Keywords: polarization
Fourier optics and signal processing
imaging systems
medical and biological imaging
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Applied optics.– Vol.53, N10/1, April 2014. – B1-B10.
Abstract: The theoretical background of correlation and phase analysis of laser images of human blood plasma with the spatial-frequency selection of the manifestations of mechanisms of linear and circular birefringence of albumin and globulin is presented. The comparative results of measuring the coordinate distributions of the module of complex degree of coherence (CDC) of laser images of blood plasma taken from the patients of three groups-healthy patients (donors), the patients suffering from the rheumatoid arthritis, and those with stomach cancer (adenocarcinoma)-are shown. The values and ranges of change of the statistical (moments of the 1st–4th order), correlation (excess of autocorrelation functions), and fractal (slopes of approximating curves and dispersion of the extremes of logarithmic dependencies of power spectra) parameters of CDC coordinate distributions are studied. The objective criteria of diagnostics of the pathology and differentiation of the inflammation and oncological state are determined.
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