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Title: Multiparameter correlation microscopy of biological fluids polycrystalline networks
Authors: Dubolazov, A.V.
Marchuk, Yu.F.
Olar, O.I.
Bachinskiy, V.T.
Vanchuliak, O.Ya.
Pashkovska, N.V.
Andriychuk, D.R.
Kostiuk, S.V.
Keywords: correlation microscopy
biologilc fluids
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Proc. of SPIE. – 2013. – Vol.9066. – 1Y-1–1Y-9.
Abstract: In this part the description of the basic types of human biological fluids is given. Experimentally measured coordinate divisions of Jones-matrix elements of optically thin polycrystalline networks are cited. Algorithms are provided and experimental methodology of measuring Jones-matrix imaging is analyzed. Experimental results of investigation of statistic, correlational and fractal parameters characterizing Jonesmatrix imaging of polycrystalline networks of the basic types of human biological fluids are represented. The system of classification of optical anisotropic peculiarities of biological fluids’ membranes based on statistic, correlational, space-frequency and spectral approach is suggested.
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