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Title: Fourier filtering of linear and circular birefringence in cancer diagnosis
Authors: Karachevtsev, A.O.
Ushenko, V.A.
Olar, O.I.
Marchuk, V.
Pashkovska, N.V.
Andriychuk, D.R.
Keywords: polarimetry
polycrystalline structure
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Proc. of SPIE. – 2013. – Vol.9066. –1Z-1–1Z-6.
Abstract: It has been proposed an optical model of linear and circular birefringence polycrystalline structure of biological crystallites. Method of polarizing optical mapping of anisotropic polycrystalline networks with spatial frequency filtering azimuth coordinate distributions of laser radiation polarization in Fourier-plane is analytically proved. Also was made an analytical study of the effectiveness of the method spatial-frequency selection in differentiation distributions azimuth field of laser radiation.
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