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Title: Polarization Correlometry of Birefringence Images of Human Blood Layers
Authors: Ushenko, A.G.
Angelsky, P.O.
Karachevtsev, A.O.
Bodnar, G.B.
Koval, G.D.
Prydiy, O.G.
Marchuk, Yu.
Keywords: polarimetry, laser, biofluids, correlometry
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9066 906622-1
Abstract: To analyze the coordinate-like structure of Stokes-parametric and Mueller-matrix images of optically anisotropic components of biological tissues, the two-point polarization-correlational approach was applied. On this basis parameters the method of cross-correlational definition of parameters (average sizes, asymmetry factor) of correlational contour was developed, which defines the topographical structure of the characteristic meanings of Stokes-parametric and Mueller-matrix images of histological sections of biological tissues.
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