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Title: Lazer-polarimetric methods of investigation of biological tissues in forensic medicine - perspectives, realities and the future
Other Titles: Лазерно-порляриметричні методи дослідження біологічних тканини у судовій медицині - перспективи, реалії та майбутнє
Authors: Vanchuliak, O.Ya.
Bachynskiy, V.T.
Boychuk, T.M.
Ushenko, O.G.
Keywords: lazer polarimetry
prescription of death coming
time forming hematomas
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Клінічна та експериментальна патологія. – 2014. – №. 13,№ 3(49). – С. 13-22.
Abstract: The results of the scientific achievements in the field of forensic medical examination and physics have been elucidated in the article. The aim of the research was the search and development of the latest lazer polarimetric criteria of diagnostics of intravital and postmortem changes of biological tissues and media of a human being to solve the questions of forensic medicine science and practice, specifically determination of the prescription of death coming at its different causes, time of hematoma forming, intravital formation of bodily harms and diagnostics of myocardial ischemia. Investigation of biological tissues (samples of the skin, skeletal and cardiac muscles, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and small intestine) and hematomas of the organs (brain, liver, kidneys, spleen) by lazer polarimetric methods with the subsequent statistical processing of the results were conducted during the research. The result of the scientists'work has become studying and mastering a number of physical methods, successfully and effectively used, to realize the purpose which was set: lazer statistical polarimetry of postmortem pictures of the native tissue sections of the cadavers; polarizational mapping of postmortem pictures of the native tissue sections of the cadavers; elements of Muller's matrix, Stoks polarimetry of postmortem pictures of the native tissue sections of the cadavers; methods of polarizational matrix; a number of methods of spectral phasometry of lazer pictures, statistical analysis of coordinate distribution of a degree of depolarization and phase displacements, statistical, correlative and fractal approaches in analysis of lazer pictures of biological tissues and organism media. A number of peculiarities and appropriatenesses of change of lazer beam properties as a result of passing through biological tissue has been established and schemes of studying different types of tissues have been founded when carrying out and numerical investigations. A complex of objective forensicmedical methods and criteria of determination of prescription of death coming at its different kinds, time for forming hematomas, intravital formations of bodily harms and diagnostics of acute myocardial ischemia have been substantiated
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