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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Macro- and microscopic spectral-polarization characteristics of the structure of normal and abnormally located chordae tendianeae of left ventricularMalyk, Yu.Yu.; Prydij, O.G.; Zymnyakov, D.A.; Alonova, M.V.; Ushakova, O.V.
2017Macroarchitectonic peculiarities of long bones in the lower extremitySavka, I.G.
2014-09-26Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of CdS:Mn quantum dots in PVA matrixFediv, V.I.; Savchuk, A.I.; Frasunyak, V.M.; Makoviy, V.V.; Savchuk, O.A.
2014-09-26Magneto-optical Faraday effect in II–VI based semimagnetic semiconductor nanocrystalsSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Stolyarchuk, I.D.; Savchuk, T.A.; Perrone, A.
2016Main achievements and new directions of forensic science in light of Congress Forensic Medicine 2030Baсhynskyi, V.T.; Trubner, K.; Vanchuliak, O.; Garazdiuk, M.; Garazdiuk, O.
2014Main issues of cognitive linguistics as a scienceMakovska, Oksana; Vakhotskyi, Mykhailo
2014Malabsorption syndrome as a manifestation of systemic effects in advanced forms of pulmonary tuberculosisTodoriko, L.D.; Yeremenchuk, I.V.; Shapovalov, V.P.; Ilchyshyn, T.I.
2016Markers of atopic reactivity in the pupils, with severe bronchial asthmaKoloskova, O.K.; Bezrukov, L.O.; Marusyk, U.I.; Lobanova, T.; Burenyuk, C.P.
2017Markers of inflammation and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in school-age children with severe exercise induced asthmaГарас, М.Н.,; Лехкун, Г.В.,; Климюк, Х.І.
2016Mastering primary surgical technique by students during practical classes on topographic anatomyKashperuk-Karpiuk, I.S.
2014-09-26Mathematical Modeling of the Expert System PredictingIvanchuk, M.A.; Maksimyuk, V.V.; Malyk, I.V.
2010Mechanisms of gastric lesion in patiens suffering from chronic kidney diseaseVivsiannyk, V.V.; Velyhorska, N.R.; Zub, L.O.; Kushnir, L.D.
2014Medical students’ test anxiety as predictor of step II and academic performanceBogutska, N.K.
2017Medical terms-synonymsTkach, Alla
2014Melatonin in plantsShraddha N.N., Kazemirska M.A., Gromyk O.O.
2017-04MENTORING, NOT TEACHING BECOMES A MODERN TREND IN POSTGRADUATE EDUCATIONSydorchuk, L.P.; Petrynych, O.A.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Kazanceva, T.V.; Sokolenko, A.A.; Semianiv, M.M.; Khomko, Oleg Yosupovuch
2016Metabolic effects of telmisartan in patients with chronic heart failure and diabetes mellitus type 2Nahorodnyi, O.V.; Pavlyukovich, N.D.; Pavlyukovich, O.V.
2011-08-28Methemoglobin forming effect of imidacloprid and dimethoat exposureKorotun, O.P.; Vlasyk, L.I.; Herman, F.
2019Methodical approaches to determining the population system and their health, to their measurement and assessmentТаралло, Володимир Леонідович
2016-07-11Methodology and hardware complex for noncontact diagnostics implementation in heat flux measurementBelov, M.E.; Makhrova, Ye.G.; Oleksyuk, I.S.; Paladiuk, V.V.; Shayko-Shaykovsky, A.G.; Borsuk, Yu.Ye.