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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Macro- and microscopic spectral-polarization characteristics of the structure of normal and abnormally located chordae tendianeae of left ventricularMalyk, Yu.Yu.; Prydij, O.G.; Zymnyakov, D.A.; Alonova, M.V.; Ushakova, O.V.
2017Macroarchitectonic peculiarities of long bones in the lower extremitySavka, I.G.
2014-09-26Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of CdS:Mn quantum dots in PVA matrixFediv, V.I.; Savchuk, A.I.; Frasunyak, V.M.; Makoviy, V.V.; Savchuk, O.A.
2014-09-26Magneto-optical Faraday effect in II–VI based semimagnetic semiconductor nanocrystalsSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Stolyarchuk, I.D.; Savchuk, T.A.; Perrone, A.
2016Main achievements and new directions of forensic science in light of Congress Forensic Medicine 2030Baсhynskyi, V.T.; Trubner, K.; Vanchuliak, O.; Garazdiuk, M.; Garazdiuk, O.
2016Main Features of Impaired Fibronolytic and Protolytic Activity of Blood Plasma in Patients with Osteoarthritis Depending on ComorbidityVoloshyna, L.O.
2014Main issues of cognitive linguistics as a scienceMakovska, Oksana; Vakhotskyi, Mykhailo
2021Major noncommunicable diseases: adaptation of foreign prevention experience to national conditionsVlasyk, L.Y.
2014Malabsorption syndrome as a manifestation of systemic effects in advanced forms of pulmonary tuberculosisTodoriko, L.D.; Yeremenchuk, I.V.; Shapovalov, V.P.; Ilchyshyn, T.I.
2022Management of diabetes mellitus-tuberculosisSemianiv, I.O.
2021Management of patients with demodex blepharonconjunctivitisKuchuk, O.P.
2018Managing "Traumatology and orthopedics" educational course for foreign students in Bukovynian state medical universityDudko, О.G.; Дудко, Олексій Геннадійович
2020Manual muscle testing – an incredible component of modern clinical researchTsyrkot, I.M.
2016Markers of atopic reactivity in the pupils, with severe bronchial asthmaKoloskova, O.K.; Bezrukov, L.O.; Marusyk, U.I.; Lobanova, T.; Burenyuk, C.P.
2022Markers of atopic reactivity in the pupils, with severe bronchial asthmaMarusyk, U.I.
2017Markers of inflammation and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in school-age children with severe exercise induced asthmaГарас, М.Н.,; Лехкун, Г.В.,; Климюк, Х.І.
2021Markers of primary placental dysfunction in pregnant with low placentationYurieva, L.M.
2020Markers of proliferation and apoptosis in patients with post-operative recurrent goiterTkachuk, N.P.
2022Marketing analysis of phytodrugs based on Marshmallow (Althaea оfficinalis L.)Ezhned, M.A.
2020Marketing analysis of the range of antiparasitic drugs represented on the pharmaceutical market of UkraineHoroshko, O.M.; Matushchak, M.R.; Zakharchuk, O.I.; Drachuk, V.M.; Kostyshyn, L.V.; Ezhned, M.A.; Stepanchuk, V.V.; Sakhatska, I.M.; Mykhailiuk, N.V.; Горошко, Олександра Мар'янівна; Матущак, М.Р.; Захарчук, Олександр Іванович; Драчук, Віра Михайлівна; Костишин, Л.В.; Ежнед, Марія Ахмедівна; Степанчук, Володимир Володимирович; Сахацька, Інна Михайлівна; Михайлюк, Н.В.; Горошко, А.М.; Матущак, М.Р.; Захарчук, А.И.; Драчук, В.М.; Костишин, Л.В.; Эжнед, М.А.; Степанчук, В.В.; Сахацкая, И.М.; Михайлюк, Н.В.