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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-13Daily arterial pressure monitoring of patients with rheumatoid arthritisМікулець, Людмила Вікторівна
2017Daily arterial pressure monitoring of patients with rheumatoid arthritisMikulets', L.V.
2019Danger and effects influence of alcohol on the organismБідучак, Анжела Степанівна
2019Death due to occasional pneumatic injury: typical characteristicsBachinskyi, V.T.; Pavliukovych, O.V.; Malyshev, V.V.; Pavliukovych, N.D.
2012-04-03Defenition of intestinal wall viability in the experimentAdutua-Amakye, Eunice
2020Demographic situation in UkraineChornenka, Zh.A.
2018-02-12Demographic, epidemiological peculiarities of patients with osteoarthritis of Chernivtsi regionМикитюк, Оксана Павлівна
2021Dental health of children according to the EGOHID criteriaKotelban, A.V.
2022Dental protector and hepatoprotector action of phytogel "Dubovyi" on rats with hepato-oral syndromeBatih, I.V.
2012Dental rehabilitation of dental implant patients with complex maxillofacial pathology after cancer of the lower jaw.Караван, О.Д.; Кузик, Л.Г.; Караван, Д.Р.; Шумко, Наталія Миколаївна; Вепрюк, Юрій Михайлович
2020Dental status of pregnant women in different trimester of pregnancyRomaniuk, D.G.
2021Dependence of antithyroid autoimmunity parameters on leptyn level in blood in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2Abramova, N.O.; Stankova, N.I.
2022Dependence of lipid metabolism on polymorphic variants of the GNβ3 gene in patients with primary arterial hypertensionVoroniuk, K.O.
2022Dependence of lipid peroxide oxidation and antioxidant protection in patients with hypertension from the fasting insulin levelPetrynych, O.A.
2017Dependence of melatonin receptors density in the neurocytes of hypothalamus supraoptical nuclei on stress factors in different periods of the dayBulyk, R.E.; Vlasova, K.V.; Lomakina, Yu.V.; Khomenko, V.G.
2017Dependence of structure-al-antimicrobial activity of a number of new 2,4-disubstitutive 1-aryl-іміdazole-5-methylcarbonyls and 5-carbaldehydesSvizhak, V.K.; Chornous, V.O.; Deyneka, S.Y.
2017Depenndence of generalized infectious-inflammatory diseases on ecological factor effectsVlasova, O.,; Trekush, Ye.,; Zapotichna, A.; Bezrukov, L.O.
2018-02Depression and anxiety in patients with rheumatoid arthritisSavka, Svitlana Dmytrivna
2021Depression and anxiety with multiple sclerosisPashkovskyy, V.M.
2020-03Depression as a civilization-deformed adaptation and defence mechanismYurtsenyuk, Olha; Wasilewski, Bohdan; Egan, Eugene