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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-07Social support during pregnancyGrynko, Natalia Valerianivna; Savka, Svitlana Dmytrivna; Skliarchuk, Natalia; Semenova, Kateryna
2015-12SOME ASPECTS OF FORECAST THE SEVERITY OF DESTRUCTIVE PANCREATITISKhomko, Oleg; Sydorchuk, Larysa Petrivna; Plehutsa, Oleksandr Matviyovych; Polyanskyy, Oleh Ihorovych
2014Some aspects of pathogenesis of erosive-ulcerous gastric lesions in liver cirrhosis patientsPalibroda, N.M.; Fediv, O.I.
2012-04-03Some aspects of pediatric and adolescent gynecologyMor, Vandita
2014-07Some epidemiological aspects of viral hepatitis C in BukovynaDavydenko, O.M.; Myronuk, O.V.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2013-06-10Some experimental models, used for studying diabetsГрицюк, Мар'яна Іванівна; Бойчук, Тарас Миколайович; Дікал, Мар’яна Вікторівна
2017Some immunological indices as markers of non-streptococcal ethiology of tonsillitis pharyngitises in childrenHorbatiuk, I. B.; Ivanova, L. A
2013Some pathogenic aspects of intestinal sutures insufficiencyRiaby, S.I.
2013Some peculiarities of the method polarization selection of laser images in diagnostics polycrystal structure bile layers of humanPashkovska, N.V.; Marchuk, YU.F.; Ushenko, A.G.
2014Spatial-frequency selection of complex degree of coherence of laser images of blood plasma in diagnostics and differentiation of pathological states of humanorganism of various nosologyUshenko, A.G.; Angelsky, P.O.; Sidor, M.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Andreychuk, D.R.; Pashkovskaya, N.V.
2013Spatio-temporal characteristic of the sphincter of the extra hepatic bile ducts during prenatal period of human ontogenesisAchtemiichuk, Yu.T.; Tsyhykalo, O.V.; Oliinyk, I.Yu.; Nahirniak, V.M.
2012-10Species composition and population level of palatine tonsils microbiota in patients with complicated forms of tonsillitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Sydorchuk, L.I.; Moskaliuk, V.D.
2011Species composition, population level and sensitivity to antibiotic of leading pathogens of urethritisSydorchuk, L; Sydorchuk, A; Sydorchuk, I
2016-05-27Specific characteristics of the daily monitoring of the blood pressure in patients suffering from primary goutParaniuk, Yu.D.; Mikulets, Ludmyla Viktorivna
2015Specific characteristics of tissue reaction of the adrenal glands hypobaric hypoxia action according to altered photoperiod duration in immature female ratsYasinska, O.V.
2013Specific charcteristics of the blood supply of the sphincteric apparatus of the extrahepatic bile ducts during the prenatal period of hu�an ontogenesisO.V.Tsyhykalo
2016Spectral change of the degree of depolarization of laser radiation scattered by the myocardia tissue to diagnose the prescription of death comingPavlyukovich, O.; Bachynskyi, V.; Pavlyukovich, N.
2016Spectral-selective laser autofluorescent polarimetry of optically anisotropic structures of the myocardium in postmortem diagnosis of acute coronary insufficiencyVanchuliak, O. Ya.
2018Spectrophotometry in the ultraviolet range as a method of time since death estimationGarazdiuk, M.S.; Bachynskіy, V. T.; Vanchuliak, O.Ya; Bezhenar, I.L