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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Lazer-polarimetric methods of investigation of biological tissues in forensic medicine - perspectives, realities and the futureVanchuliak, O.Ya.; Bachynskiy, V.T.; Boychuk, T.M.; Ushenko, O.G.
2012-03-15Leadacetate influence on the lipid peroxidation indices and antioxidant protection factors in rats with different type of acetylationПетринич, Володимри Володимирович
2016-05-30Lectures in undergraduate medical educationГлубоченко, Олена Володимирівна
2016Level of asthma control in school-age children with exercise-induced asthma phenotype and difference type of acetylatorPatel, P.P.; Mittal, M.M.; Sazhyn, Sergyi Ipolitovich
2017Lexical-phraseological means of speaking stylyzation in idiostyle of V. Myhailovskyi (based on material of the book “Melodiya biloho smutku” (Melody of white sorrow)Tsurkan, Маria
2017Linguistic aspects of eponymic professional endocrinologic terminologyBytsko, N.I.; Pavlovych, L.B.; Bilous, I.I.; Semenko, I.V.
2018Linguistic medicine culture – the basis of the medicine deontologyНавчук, Галина Василівна; Навчук, Ігор Васильович; Шутак, Лариса Борисівна
2016Linguopragmatic peculiarities of the lexical units denoting concept “Horror” in Stephen King’s novelsMakovska, Oksana; Vakhotskyi, Mykhailo
2013Lipopolysaccharide induces neovascularization and immunosuppression, and must be considered as therapentic targetSydorchuk, L.; Fomin, P.; Sydorchuk, R.; Sydorchuk, I.; Plehutsa, O.; Sydorchuk, A.
2012-04-03Liver enzymes and metabolic syndrome in patients with type 2 diabetesDzikunu, Patience
2015Liver enzymes in patients with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndromeOlenovych, O.A.
2016-02Low cardiac output predicts development of hepatorenal syndrome and survival in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosisSlyvka, Nataliia Oleksyivna; Virstiuk, Nataliia Grygorivna; Plesh, Igor Antonovych; Gaidukov, Viacheslav Anatolyiovych
2013Macro- and microscopic spectral-polarization characteristics of the structure of normal and abnormally located chordae tendianeae of left ventricularMalyk, Yu.Yu.; Prydij, O.G.; Zymnyakov, D.A.; Alonova, M.V.; Ushakova, O.V.
2017Macroarchitectonic peculiarities of long bones in the lower extremitySavka, I.G.
2014-09-26Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of CdS:Mn quantum dots in PVA matrixFediv, V.I.; Savchuk, A.I.; Frasunyak, V.M.; Makoviy, V.V.; Savchuk, O.A.
2014-09-26Magneto-optical Faraday effect in II–VI based semimagnetic semiconductor nanocrystalsSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Stolyarchuk, I.D.; Savchuk, T.A.; Perrone, A.
2016Main achievements and new directions of forensic science in light of Congress Forensic Medicine 2030Baсhynskyi, V; Trubner, K; Vanchuliak, O; Garazdiuk, M; Garazdiuk, O
2014Main issues of cognitive linguistics as a scienceMakovska, Oksana; Vakhotskyi, Mykhailo
2014Malabsorption syndrome as a manifestation of systemic effects in advanced forms of pulmonary tuberculosisTodoriko, L.D.; Yeremenchuk, I.V.; Shapovalov, V.P.; Ilchyshyn, T.I.
2016Markers of atopic reactivity in the pupils, with severe bronchial asthmaKoloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna; Bezrukov, Loenid Olexiovich; Marusyk, Uliana Ivanovna; Lobanova, T.; Burenyuk, Christina Petrivna