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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201293-я підсумкова наукова конференція професорсько-викладацького персоналу БДМУ-
201796-й щорічний конгрес асоціації судових медиків Федеративної Республіки НімеччинаБачинський, В.Т.; Ванчуляк, О.Я.; Гараздюк, М.С.
2016-04-06A Case Study of Herpes Zoster Ophtalmicus Reactivation in a Polymorbid Patient Following Primary Bacterial KeratoconjuctivitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Odey, E.J.
2011A characteristic of the effects of melatonin and epithalon on the state of c-fos gene in the neurosecretory nuclei of the hypothalamus in an experimentBulyk, R.Ye.; Pishak, V.P.; Lomakina, Yu.V.
2014-10-01A charge of the erythrocyte test by automated methodGutsul, O.; Shaplavsky, M.; Buzhdygan, V.; Slobodian, V.
2012A condition of c-fos gene expression in the medial small-cell subnuclei of the paraventricular nuclei of the rat`s hypothalamus under constant illumination.Булик, Роман Євгенович; Ломакіна, Юлія В'ячеславівна; Тимофій, О.В.
2011A forensic-medical analysis of fractures of the long bones of the lower extremitySavka, I.H.; Vasiuk, V.L.; Koval’chuk, P.Ye.; Zin’kiv, O.I.
2013A method of investigating the vasculonervous fascicle of the neck in the perinatal periodHerasym, L.M.; Kozub, M.I.; Shevchuk, I.R.
2011A modern methods of investigation a fracture plane in forensic medicineSavka, I.H.; Mykhailichenko, B.; Stasyuk, M.; Santos, A.
2015A rare clinical case-buschke's scleredemaJulei, L.O.; Mudriak, L.V.
2015A role of public discussion in mitigation of environmental disasters caused by improper landfill management and operationWinkler, Igor; Choban, Alla
2016A scale for predicting postoperative septic complications at acute peritonitisGrynchuk, A.F.; Grynchuk, F.V.; Polianskiy, I.Iu.
2013A shift of the endothelial dysfunction markers in patients with HIV-infection/AIDS under HAARTMoskaliuk, V.D.; Sorokhan, V.D.; Melenko, S.R.; Balaniuk, I.V.
2012A study of the prevalence and clinico-immunological specific characteristics of coexistance of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDSTodoriko, Lilia Dmutrivna; Boiko, Anna Viktorivna
2017-05ABDOMINAL SEPSIS AND ACUTE RESPIRATORY DYSFUNCTIONKhomko, Bogdan Olehovich; Randiuk, Roman Yuriyovuch; Sydorchuk, Ruslan Ihorovuch; Kyfiak, Petro Vasuliovuch; Khomko, Oleg Yosupovuch
2015Accessibility of migrants to health care services and their vulnerability for tuberculosisJucov, А.; Lesnic, Е.; Todoriko, L.; Жуков, А.; Леснік, Е.; Тодоріко, Л.
2010ACE (I/D) and eNOS (T894G) genes’ polymorphisms influence new cardiovascular (CV) events: pharmacogenomic update on therapyUrsuliak, U.; Amosova, K.; Pishak, V.P.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Volkov, R.A.; Sydorchuk, I.I.; Sydorchuk, R.I.
2015-01Activation of self-study among medical students within the competence-based approach in teaching of clinical and theoretical disciplinesSydorchuk, A.S.; Halvala, Yash; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2016-01Activity Definizione antihypoxants in derivati del 2-benzammide- 2-(2-oksoindolin-3-ilidene)-vinegary acido in acuta ipossia iperbaricaLenga, E.L.; Zamorsky, I.I.; Bukataru, Yu.S.; Kolesnik, S.V.