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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Clinical and anamnestic features of exercise-induced bronchial asthma depending on the nature of acetylationHoloulin, O.I.; Borovyk, I.S.; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna
2016Clinicoanamnestic features of exercise-induced asthma related phenotype in children and teenagersVlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Lysyk, L.I.; Pavliv, O. V.; Kostynchuk, S. S
2016Diagnostic value of interleukin 6 and 8 in diagnosing early neonatal sepsisVlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Kolubakina, Larusa Viktorivna
2016Effect of unfavourable ecological factors on children’s state of healthVlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Koloskova, Olena Kostiantunivna
2014Indices of exhaled breath condensate in children with eosinophilic phenotype of bronchial asthmaFochuk, M; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Bilous, Tetiana Muchailivna; Ortemenka, Evgenia Pavlivna
2014Influence of some factors on cytological composition of spontaneous and induced sputum in school-aged children with bronchial asthmaVlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Ortemenka, Evgenia Pavlivna; Fochuk, M.; Fochyk, N.
2016Interconnection between the new born with adaptation disorders and psycho-emotional condition of their mothersDaniv, Sofia; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna; Kiriiak, Viktor; Kolubakina, Larusa Viktorivna
2016Peculiarities of Hirschsprung’s disease clinical course of newbornsKolubakina, Larusa Viktorivna; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna
2016Relationship between the psycho-emotional state of mothers and disorders in adaptation of their newbornsZhmurko, V.I.; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna
2016Role of c-reactive protein in early neonatal sepsis diagnosingBevtsyk, A.V.; Dorosh, V.V.; Vlasova, Olena Vasulivna