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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20182D-Mueller-matrix tomography of optically anisotropic polycrystalline networks of biological tissues histological sectionsTrifonyuk, L.; Baranowski, W.; Ushenko, V.; Olar, O.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Ushenko, Y.; Bodnar, B.; Vanchulyak, O.; Kushnerik, L.; Sakhnovskiy, M.
2019Differential Mueller matrix imaging of partially depolarizing optically anisotropic biological tissuesTrifonyuk, L.; Sdobnov, A.; Baranowski, W.; Ushenko, V.; Olar, O.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Pidkamin, L.; Sidor, M.; Vanchuliak, O.; Motrich, A.; Gorsky, M.P.; Meglinski, I.
2017Jones-matrix tomography of biological tissues phase anisotropy in the diagnosis of uterus wall prolapseTrifonyuk, L.; Baranovsky, V.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Ushenko, V.O.; Ushenko, O.G.; Zhytaryuk, V.G.; Prydiy, O.G.; Vanchulyak, O.
2017New opportunities of differential diagnosis of biological tissues polycrystalline structure using methods of Stokes correlometryTrifonyuk, L.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Ushenko, Yu.O.; Zhytaryuk, V.G.; Prydiy, O.G.; Grytsyuk, M.; Kushnerik, L.; Meglinskiy, I.; Savka, I.G.
2013The singular approach for processing polarization-inhomogeneous laser images of blood plasma layersAngelsky, P.O.; Ushenko, A.G.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Sidor, М.І.; Bodnar, G.B.; Koval, G.; Trifonyuk, L.
2017Two-point Stokes vector parameters of object field for diagnosis and differentiation of optically anisotropic biological tissuesDubolazov, O.V.; Trifonyuk, L.; Marchuk, Yu.; Ushenko, Yu.O.; Zhytaryuk, V.G.; Prydiy, O.G.; Kushnerick, L.; Meglinskiy, I.