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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010ACE (I/D) and eNOS (T894G) genes’ polymorphisms influence new cardiovascular (CV) events: pharmacogenomic update on therapyUrsuliak, U.; Amosova, K.M.; Pishak, V.P.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Volkov, R.A.; Sydorchuk, I.I.; Sydorchuk, R.I.
2020Aldosterone synthase CYP11b2 (-344C/T) gene polymorphism as a possible marker of kidney failure development in hypertensive patientsSydorchuk, L.P.
2022Aldosterone synthase CYP11B2 (-344C/T) gene polymorphism influence risk of chronic kidney disease in patients with arterial hypertensionSydorchuk, L.P.
2010Angiotensin converting enzyme gene (ACE) and endothelial oxide synthase gene (eNOS) polymorphisms in relation to hemodynamic parameters and vascular alterationSydorchuk, L.P.; Ursuliak, J.V.
2012-01-26Association of chronic systemic inflammation, liver cirrhosis, cancerogenesis with T894G polymorphism of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene (eNOS) and vascular injuryKushnir, O.V.; Prysyazhnyuk, V.P.; Voloshyn, O.I.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Ursuliak, J.V.; Sydorchuk, I.I.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Sokolenko, A.A.
2022Association of the allelic state of the GNB3 (rs5443) and AGT (rs4762) genes with anthropometric, metabolic-hormonal parameters and indicators of mineral metabolism in patients with essential arterial hypertensionVoroniuk, K.O.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Воронюк, Ксенія Олександрівна; Сидорчук, Лариса Петрівна
2016Caspase-3 and Caspase-8 in Patients with Nodular Goiter and Autoimmune ThyroiditisSheremet, М.I.; Shidlovskyy, V.O.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Sydorchuk, R.I.
2013Combined effects of ACE (I/D) and eNOS (894T>G) genes polymorphism in patients with arterial hypertension in the realization of molecular mechanisms of left ventricular hypertrophySydorchuk, L.P.; Gaborets, I.Y.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Ursulyak, Yu.V.; Sokolenko, A.A.; Ivashchuk, S.I.; Biryuk, I.G.; Kostenko, V.V.
2022Comparison of World-Wide-WEB based simulator of medical consultation with the live, standardized patientsSydorchuk, R.I.; Khomko, O.Y.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Grodetskyi, V.K.; Kyfiak, P.V.; Volyanyuk, P.M.; Knut, R.P.
2017-04CREATING CLINICAL THINKING AS AN IMPORTANT PART OF PRE- AND POSTGRADUATE TRAINING IN GENERAL PRACTICE AND FAMILY MEDICINESydorchuk, L.P.; Petrynych, O.A.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Kazanceva, T.V.; Sokolenko, A.A.; Yarynych, Yu.M.; Khomko, Oleg Yosupovuch
2015Cytokines changes in the pathogenesis of acute or exacerbated chronic pancreatitis considering the etiology and genderIvashchuk, S.I.; Sydorchuk, L.P.
2018Edematous pancreatitis development risk depending on combinations of allelic variants of genes CFTR (rs 113993960), PRSS1 (rs 111033565) and IL-4 (rs 2243250)Ivashchuk, S.I.; Sydorchuk, L.P.
2022Efficacy of passive immunotherapy in abdominal sepsisKhomko, O.Y.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Knut, R.P.; Tkachuk, O.V.; Kifiak, P.V.
2017-04ENHANCING AUDIOVISUALS FOR LECTURES AND PRESENTATIONS IN FAMILY MEDICINE DEPARTMENTSydorchuk, L.P.; Petrynych, Oksana Anatoliivna; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Kazanceva, T.V.; Repchuk, Yu.V.; Yarynych, Yu.M.; Khomko, Oleg Yosupovuch
2019Genetic markers of hepatocyte disfunction in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseSydorchuk, L.P.
2011Genetic polymorphism determines coronary artery disease (CAD) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in hypertensive patients: a double-centre study of two candidate genes and their variantsUrsuliak, U.V.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Sydorchuk, I.I.
2021Glomerular filtration rate and lipids' metabolism disorders in hypertensive patients depending on aldosterone synthase gene CYP11B2 (-344C/T) polymorphismSydorchuk, L.P.
2023Guanine nucleotide-binding protein BETA-3 (GNB3, RS5443) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS3, RS2070744) genes polymorphism as markers of obesity in hypertensive patientsSydorchuk, L.P.
2022Hospital setting imitation for education of medical students: a story about role-playing games in general surgery departmentSydorchuk, R.I.; Khomko, O.Y.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Grodetskyi, V.K.; Kyfiak, P.V.; Volyanyuk, P.M.; Knut, R.P.