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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-06A Case Study of Herpes Zoster Ophtalmicus Reactivation in a Polymorbid Patient Following Primary Bacterial KeratoconjuctivitisSydorchuk, A.S.; Odey, E.J.
2015-01Activation of self-study among medical students within the competence-based approach in teaching of clinical and theoretical disciplinesSydorchuk, A.S.; Halvala, Yash; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2018-06Adenovirus infection in adults: reactive response of polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leukocytes studyMoskaliuk, V.D.; Balaniuk, I.V.; Sydorchuk, A.S.; Vozna, Kh.I.; Andruschak, M.O.; Rudan, I.V.
2018Case report of Yersinia enterocolitica infection with prolonged polyarthritis in young Caucasian maleSydorchuk, A.S.
2014-01Case-control clinical and microbiological study of probiotic substantive approach to holiatry therapy of seasonal influenza type A and B in adultsMoskaliuk, V.D.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2020Current therapeutic evidence based approaches to patients with falciparum and non-falciparum malariaSydorchuk, A.S.; Moskaliuk, V.D.; Сидорчук, Анюта Степанівна; Москалюк, Василь Деонізійович; Сидорчук, А.С.; Москалюк, В.Д.
2016Disorders of general immunological reactivity in male patients with rheumatoid arthritisSydorchuk, I.Y; Sydorchuk, L.I.; Bendas, V.V.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2016Disorders of general immunological reactivity in male patients with rheumatoid arthritisSydorchuk, I.Y.; Sydorchuk, L.I.; Bendas, V.V.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2014Effectiveness of Rotabiotic in patients with acute food-borne infections at BukovinaSydorchuk, A.S.; Bogachyk, N.A.; Venhlovs’ka, Ya.V.
2021Efficacy of probiotic Lacto and ReO in holiatry of patients with acute gastroenterocolitis presumbly of viral etiologySydorchuk, A.S.
2014-10Epidemiologic pecularities of toxoplasmosis in Bukovyna's women of reproductive ageMoskaliuk, V.D.; Randiuk, Yu.O.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2016Experience of Optimizing treatment of Acute Intestinal Diseases in BukovynaRandiuk, Yu.O.; Sydorchuk, A.S.; Bohachyk, N.A.; Venglovs’ka, Ya.V.; Kazakova, S.G.; Kostina, N.V.
2013Experimental study of colon preepithelial mucous layer microflora in albino rats with induced diabetes mellitusSydorchuk, L.I.; Sydorchuk, A.S.
2018-09-20Fulminant meningococcemia in adult Caucasian maleMoskaliuk, V.D.; Sydorchuk, A.S.; Andreychyn, Yu.M.; Randiuk, Yu.O.; Sokol, A.M.; Sorokhan, V.D.; Bogachyk, N.A.; Goliar, O.I.; Venglovska, Ya.V.
2018-04-16Fulminant meningococcemia with Waterhouse-Frideriksen syndrome in Caucasian male : clinical caseSokol, A.M.; Randiuk, Yu.O.; Sydorchuk, A.S.; Moskaliuk, V.D.; Bogachyk, N.A.; Venglovs'ka, Ya.V.; Sorokhan, V.D.; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2015-04Immune system dysfunction in patients with influenza virus A/H1N1 in Bukovyna regionSydorchuk, A.S.; Moskaliuk, V.D.; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2007-05-10Influence of grippe infection in young people on their intestinal microecologySydorchuk, A.S.; Oliynic, V.S.
2015-04Influenza A/H3N2: does cell immunity improved under application of probiotic's strains?Sydorchuk, A.S.; Sydorchuk, L.I.
2022Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID-19: pros & cons (brief review)Sydorchuk, A.S.