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2012-01-26Association of chronic systemic inflammation, liver cirrhosis, cancerogenesis with T894G polymorphism of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene (eNOS) and vascular injuryKushnir, O.V.; Prysyazhnyuk, V.P.; Voloshyn, O.I.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Ursuliak, J.V.; Sydorchuk, I.I.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Sokolenko, A.A.
2013Combined effects of ACE (I/D) and eNOS (894T>G) genes polymorphism in patients with arterial hypertension in the realization of molecular mechanisms of left ventricular hypertrophySydorchuk, L.P.; Gaborets, I.Y.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Ursulyak, Yu.V.; Sokolenko, A.A.; Ivashchuk, S.I.; Biryuk, I.G.; Kostenko, V.V.
2011Genetic polymorphism determines coronary artery disease (CAD) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in hypertensive patients: a double-centre study of two candidate genes and their variantsUrsuliak, U.V.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Sydorchuk, R.I.; Sydorchuk, I.I.
2015Pathogenetic connection of lipid profile changes with left ventricle hypertrophic models depending on genes polymorphism' ace (I/D), eNOS (T894G) in patients with essential hypertensionKushnir, O.V.; Sydorchuk, L.P.; Iftoda, O.M.; Sydorchuk, A.R.
2013Value of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme and Monoxide Nitrogen in Pathogenesis of Myocardium Remodeling Depending on Genes' Polymorphism of Асе (I/D) and eNOS (894T>G) in Patients with Arterial HypertensionSydorchuk, L.P.; Gaborec, I.Y.; Sydorchuk, A.R.; Bukach, O.P.; Sokolenko, A.A.; Ursuliak, J.V.; Ivaschuk, S.I.; Antoniuk, M.V.; Yarynych, J.M.