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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Birefringence images of polycrystalline films of human urine in early diagnostics of kidney pathologyDubolazov, A.V.; Pashkovskaya, N.V.; Ushenko, Yu.A.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Ushenko, V.A.; Novakovskaya, O.Yu.
2011Comparison of the clinical diagnostic picture of private forms of pathology of the digestive system of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseKovalenko, S.V.; Dorofyeyev, A.E.; Patratiy, M.V.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Коваленко, Світлана Вікторівна; Дорофеев, А.Е.; Патратій, Марина Володимирівна; Марчук, Юлія Федорівна
2017Jones matrix polarization-correlation mapping of biological crystals networksUshenko, O.G.; Ushenko, Yu.O.; Pidkamin, L.Y.; Sidor, M.I.; Vanchuliak, O.; Motrich, A.V.; Gorsky, M.P.; Meglinskiy, I.; Marchuk, Yu.F.
2014Laser polarization-variable autofluorescence of the network of optically anisotropic biological tissues: diagnostics and differentiation of early stages of cancer of cervix uteriUshenko, Yu.A.; Sidor, M.I.; Pashkovskaia, N.; Koval, G.D.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Andreichuk, D.
2013Multiparameter correlation microscopy of biological fluids polycrystalline networksDubolazov, A.V.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Olar, O.I.; Bachinskiy, V.T.; Vanchuliak, O.Ya.; Pashkovska, N.V.; Andriychuk, D.; Kostiuk, S.V.
2014Polarization-correlation analysis of maps of optical anisotropy biological layersUshenko, Yu.O.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Prysyazhnyuk, V.S.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Pashkovskaya, N.V.; Motrich, A.V.; Novakovskaya, O.Y.
2014Spatial-frequency selection of complex degree of coherence of laser images of blood plasma in diagnostics and differentiation of pathological states of humanorganism of various nosologyUshenko, A.G.; Angelsky, P.O.; Sidor, M.; Marchuk, Yu.F.; Andreychuk, D.R.; Pashkovskaya, N.V.