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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Clinical signs as indices of community-acquired pneumonia severity in childrenKorotun, O.P.
2021Development and implementation of the continuous students feedback system during online educationKorotun, O.P.
2022Diagnostic value of some clinical indicators in identifying the risk of bronchial remodeling in children with bronchial asthmaKorotun, O.P.
2020Estimation of karyological indices of the buccal epithelium in children with community-acquired pneumoniaKorotun, O.P.
2017Hygienic evaluation of fats in the dietary intake of preschool institutions in the town of ChernivtsiVlasyk, L.I.; Fundiur, N.M.; Grachova, Т.І.; Korotun, O.P.
2011-08-28Methemoglobin forming effect of imidacloprid and dimethoat exposureKorotun, O.P.; Vlasyk, L.I.; Herman, F.
2020Toxicological assessment of individual susceptibility to acute poisoning by organophosphorus pesticides in vivoKorotun, O.P.
2012-11-09Type of acetylation as susceptibility biomarker of imidacloprid, dimethoat and sodium nitrate exposureKorotun, O.P.; Vlasyk, L.I.
2021Біомаркери запалення при бронхіальній астмі у дітей за альтернативного початку хворобиКолоскова, Олена Костянтинівна; Білоус, Тетяна Михайлівна; Коротун, Олена Павлівна; Герман, Ф.В.; Білоус, В.В.; Селіверстов, С.І.; Колоскова, Е.К.; Билоус, Т.М.; Коротун, Е.П.; Герман, Ф.В.; Белоус, В.В.; Селиверстов, С.И.; Koloskova, O.K.; Bilous, T.M.; Korotun, O.P.; Bilous, V.V.; Herman, F.V.; Seliverstov, S.I.