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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09-26Biosensors for Cellular Imaging on the Base of Colloidal CdMnS NanoparticlesSavchuk, A.I.; Marchenko, M.M.; Savchuk, T.A.; Ivanchak, S.A.; Fediv, V.I.; Davydenko, I.S.; Ostafiychuck, D.I.
2014-09-26Effects of codoping in ZnO-based semimagnetic semiconductor thin filmsSavchuk, A.I.; Makhniy, V.P.; Fediv, V.I.; Kleto, G.I.; Savchuk, S.A.; Perrone, A.; Cutrera, L.
2014-09-26Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Optical Properties of Colloidal CdS Nanoparticles Embedded in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) MatrixRudko, G.Yu.; Kovalchuk, A.O.; Fediv, V.I.; Beyer, J.; Chen, W.M.; Buyanova, I.A.
2015-03-31Enhancement of polymer endurance to UV light by incorporation of semiconductor nanoparticlesRudko, G.; Kovalchuk, A.; Fediv, V.I.; Chen, W.M.; Buyanova, I.A.
2014-09-26Evolution of CdS:Mn nanoparticle properties caused by pH of colloid solution and ultrasound irradiationSavchuk, A.I.; Rudko, G.Yu.; Fediv, V.I.; Voloshchuk, A.G.; Gule, E.G.; Ivanchak, S.A.; Makoviy, V.V.
2014-09-26Formation and transformation of II-VI semiconductor nanoparticles by laser radiationSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Ivanchak, S.A.; Makoviy, V.V.; Smolinsky, M.M.; Savchuk, O.A.
2014-09-26Growth and characterization of ZnMnO thin filmsSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Savchuk, S.A.; Perrone, A.
2014-09-26Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of CdS:Mn quantum dots in PVA matrixFediv, V.I.; Savchuk, A.I.; Frasunyak, V.M.; Makoviy, V.V.; Savchuk, O.A.
2014-09-26Magneto-optical Faraday effect in II–VI based semimagnetic semiconductor nanocrystalsSavchuk, A.I.; Fediv, V.I.; Stolyarchuk, I.D.; Savchuk, T.A.; Perrone, A.
2017-01-16Phosphorescence of CdS nanoparticles in polymer matrix as an indication of host-guest interactionKovalchuk, A.O.; Rudko, G.Yu.; Fediv, V.I.; Chen, W.M.; Buyanova, I.A.
2022Quantum dot as fluorescence/magnetic resonancedual-modal imaging agentFediv, V.I.
2021Quantum dot as the basis of multimodal molecular imaging probesFediv, V.I.
2015-03-31Retardation of nanoparticles growth by dopingNosenko, V.; Rudko, G.; Fediv, V.I.; Savchuk, A.; Gule, E.G.; Vorona, I.
2014-09-26Role of the host polymer matrix in light emission processes in nano-CdS/poly vinyl alcohol compositeRudko, G.Yu.; Kovalchuk, A.O.; Fediv, V.I.; Ren, Q.; Chen, W.M.; Buyanova, I.A.; Pozina, G.
2014-09-26Semimagnetic semiconductor oxides as materials for transparent electronics and spintronicsSavchuk, A.I.; Makhniy, V.P.; Fediv, V.I.; Kleto, G.I.; Savchuk, S.A.
2016-07-18Synthesis of Capped AIIBVI Nanoparticles for Fluorescent BiomarkersRudko, G.; Fediv, V.I.; Davydenko, I.S.; Gule, E.G.; Olar, O.; Kovalchuk, A.
2014-09-26Synthesis of colloidal nanoparticles CdS:Mn in the polymer solution for biological applicationsFediv, V.I.; Rudko, G.Yu.; Savchuk, A.I.; Gule, E.G.; Davydenko, I.S.
2014-09-26Synthesis of Mn2+-doped CdS nanoparticles covered with different adsorptive layers and their application as biosensorsFediv, V.I.; Rudko, G.Yu.; Savchuk, A.I.; Gule, E.G.; Davydenko, I.S.; Olar, O.I.; Volkov, K.S.
2014-09-26Synthesis route and optical characterization of CdS:Mn/polyvinyl alcohol nanocompositeFediv, V.I.; Rudko, G.Yu.; Savchuk, A.I.; Gule, E.G.; Voloshchuk, A.G.
2014-09-26Tunable electrophysical properties of composites nano-CdS/polyvinyl alcoholRudko, G.Yu.; Kovalchuk, A.O.; Bondarenko, V.A.; Fediv, V.I.; Gule, E.G.