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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Activity of mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase in the kidneys under conditions of experimental diabetes mellitusDikal, M.V.; Ferenchuk, Ye.A.
2019Biochemical changes in the activity of ATP-ase in mitochondria of kidneys rats by acute intoxicationDikal, M.V.
2020Biochemical changes of blood plasma indicators in the modeling of aloxan diabetes in ratesDikal, M.V.
2023Biological role of reactive oxygen species in mitochondriaDikal, M.V.; Ferenchuk, Ye.O.; Bilous, Т.M.; Коpchuk, T.G.; Drachuk, V.M.; Bilous, V.V.; Дікал, Мар'яна Вікторівна; Ференчук, Єлена Олександрівна; Білоус, Тетяна Михайлівна; Копчук, Тамара Григорівна; Драчук, Віра Михайлівна; Білоус, В.В.
2016-02-21Case-method application in small groups while teaching bioorganic and biological chemistry for foreign studentsDikal, M.V.; Ferenchuk, E.O.
2016-05-25Clinical and biochemical kidney’s functional condition parameters of pregnant women with preeclampsiaDikal, M.V.; Cherniukh, O.G.
2015-09Concentration of the Main Biochemical Blood Indices in Early Postnatal PeriodCherniukh, O.G.; Dikal, M.V.
2017Content of Markers of Respiratory Tract Remodeling in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Children Suffering from Bronchial AsthmaKoloskova, O.K; Bilous, T.M.; Bilyk, G.A.; Lobanova, T.O.; Dikal, M.V.; Bilous, V.V.
2023Determination of the activity of nadh dehydrogenase, succinate dehydrogenase and H+-ATP-ASE in experimental diabetesDikal, M.V.
2021Effect of melatonin on the activity of antioxidant protection enzymes in kidneys in conditions of acute intoxicationDikal, M.V.
2022Morphological changes in the cortex of the kidneys under the development of aseptic feverDikal, M.V.
2017Peculiarities of formation and signs of emotional burnout syndrome in medical university teachersDikal, M.V.; Cherniukh, O.G.; Bilous, T.M.; Voitkevych, N.I.
2015-12-28Peculiarities of teaching bioorganic and biological chemistry to foreign students at the department of bioorganic and biological chemistry and clinical biochemistry, the higher state educational establishment “Bukovinian state medical university”Dikal, M.V.; Chernyukh, O.G.
2024Prospects of simulation-based learning for future dentistsDikal, M.V.; Domanchuk, T.I.
2017Reactions of eosinophilic granulocytes in the sputum and peripheral blood of children suffering from bronchial asthma with signs of eosinophilic and non-eosinophilic inflammation of the bronchiKoloskova, O.K.; Bilous, T.M.; Dikal, M.V.; Lomakina, U.V.; Kopchuk, T.G.; Lobanova, T.O.
2019Role of interdisciplinary approach in teaching the subjects "Bioorganic and biological chemistry" and "Medical biology"Dikal, M.V.; Cherniukh, O.H.; Bilous, T.M.; Khomenko, V.H.; Дікал, Мар'яна Вікторівна; Чернюх, Оксана Григорівна; Білоус, Т.М.; Хоменко, Віолета Георгіївна; Дикал, М.В.; Чернюх, О.Г.; Белоус, Т.М.; Хоменко, В.Г.
2012The effect of melatonin on the content of reduced glutathione in rats under the conditions or tetrachlormethane intoxicationMatsjopa, I.; Dikal, M.V.
2024The role of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in development of metabolic disorders in cellsDikal, M.V.
2017Total protein level, glucose and activity of aminotransferase in the blood serum of newborns in early postnatal periodCherniukh, O.G.; Dikal, M.V.; Lopushynska, I.V.
2018Вплив мелатоніну на систему гідроген сульфіду печінки щурів за умов експериментальної нефропатіїГеруш, Ігор Васильович; Григор'єва, Надія Пилипівна; Коляник, Ілона Олегівна; Ференчук, Є.О.; Дікал, Мар'яна Вікторівна; Геруш, И.В.; Григорьева, Н.П.; Коляник, И.А.; Ференчук, Е.А.; Дикал, М.В.; Gerush, I.V.; Grigorieva, N.P.; Kolianyk, I.O.; Ferenchuk, Ye.O.; Dikal, M.V.